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Since its inception in 1997, St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities has made many grants. You may search for these under the following categories:

Tips for searching: You may enter multiple organizations for your search as long as they are separated by a ",". You may refine your results further by using the Join Keywords button. For example by selecting the default "and", your search will be read like this: "Keyword1" AND "Keyword2", meaning that it will only return results that contain both keywords. On the other hand, by selecting "Or" your results will be read like this: "Keyword1" OR "Keyword2", meaning that it return results that contain either of the two words.

Unsolicited or RFP?:
Priority Program:
Population Served:
Fiscal Year:
Age Group:
Grant Amount:  Low: High:
Join keywords with: And ||| Or

This list is updated constantly as new grants are made.

(Please note that there are several hundred records in the database. It is set to bring up 15 at a time. If you wish to bring up more at one time set the little box on the top right which says Number of Results to any displayed number up to 50.)


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