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Community Health Information System
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Community Health Information System (CHIS)

In addition to awarding grants throughout Texas, St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities also initiated a one-of-a-kind health needs assessment process, called Healthy Neighborhood Initiatives. It in turn created the Community Health Information System (CHIS), an on-line, interactive website that creates a concise picture of the demographic, health and social data of the 57-counties of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. The CHIS not only houses data and tables on key social and health issues but also allows users to layer community data with community resources on interactive maps to receive a more complete picture of a community’s strengths and needs.

Interactive Mapping
Identifies a geographic area of interest and obtains information about the community resources available and statistics on the population and health-related characteristics of that area. Search by city, county, zip code, super neighborhood, and political districts. The categories of data currently available include population, birth, mortality, child, and uninsured.

Community Resource Directory (CRD)
Includes information about more than 12,000 community resources in a 13 county area of the Texas Gulf Coast. Available services and programs include health clinics, food pantries, shelters and many other useful sources of information. Users can layer these services over demographic maps to locate services and help identify service gaps and duplications.

Preschool Programs
Licensed child care provider and school data are color-coded as to the proxy levels determined by quality rating systems.  Demographic data includes the age of the child, language spoken at home, all parents working and poverty levels ranging from less than 100% of poverty to 200% and greater.

Map Library
The Houston's Future Map Library features dozens of maps illustrating key demographic information about the Houston area.

Uninsured Data
Includes static maps and interactive mapping of the uninsured in Harris County, as well as a qualitative study modeled after the uninsured analysis completed by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Project Safety Net
The nation’s first, interactive, bilingual and mappable web site that is a link between the underserved in the Houston community and the clinics and organizations that offer healthcare to those individuals and families.

Breast Health Portal
The Nation's first breast health resource listing for Harris and contiguous counties.

More Information:
To learn more information about the Community Health Information System or to obtain assistance, please contact us.

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