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Nonprofit Capacity Building Toolkit

Strengthening, Sustaining and Serving Communities

The Charities Capacity Building Program is designed to strengthen its grantee organizations to empower them to effectively carry out their missions and be long-term providers to the people they serve.

The Nonprofit Capacity Building Tool Kit currently consists of four tools and is given as a gift to the nonprofit community by St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities. These tools were developed to assist nonprofits in building their internal capacity and promote sustainability in:



Through research-informed grantmaking to Texas nonprofits, St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities, a separate component of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, improves community health and reduces health disparities.  Our Center for Community-Based Research is dedicated to community-based participatory research practices that foster informed action, collaboration and empowerment for the medically underserved and other vulnerable populations.

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