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March 1999




Previous Reports

Tables and Figures
Diocese and Convocations
Births: Prenatal Care by Mother's Ethnicity and Age
1991-92 and 1996-97
             Births: Birth Weight by Mother's Ethnicity and Age
1991-92 and 1996-97
             Deaths by Cause, Infants Under Age One and Children Ages 1-4, Diocese
             1991-92 and 1996-97 and Convocations 1996-97


Births and Infant Deaths 1996 and 1997: These selections link the viewer to a web site maintained by the Bureau of State Health Data and Policy Analysis, Texas Department of Health. The site contains data for each county on numerous health-related indicators and statistics. Especially relevant for this report are the data on births ("natality") and on infant deaths ("mortality").

Adolescent Mothers 1991-92 and 1996-97
Prenatal Care for Adolescent Mothers 1991-92 and 1996-97

Marital Status of Adolescent Mothers 1996-97

School Districts (Select county where school district is located)

Births to Adolescent Mothers by Ethnicity, Prenatal Care 1991-92 and 1996-97
Distribution of Births to Adolescent Mothers 1996-97 (Map)
Births to Adolescent Mothers by Marital Status 1996-97

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