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Community Health Leadership Award
History of the Community Health Leadership Award
Community Health Leaders
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Community Health Leaders
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History of the Community Health Leadership Award

Excellence in Community Health

The Charities was founded in 1997 as a separate component of the St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System in Houston, Texas. In partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and the community, the Charities strives to increase opportunities for health enhancement and disease prevention, especially among the underserved, and makes possible measurable improvement in community health status and individual well-being.

The Charities annual Community Health Leadership Award recognizes individuals from nonprofit organizations located in the 57-county Episcopal Diocese of Texas mission field who demonstrate outstanding leadership and collaboration in advancing community health for the underserved. A gift of $50,000 is presented to the 501(c)3 nonprofit agency of the honoree's choice.

2011Community Health
Leadership Award Recipient

David S. Buck, MD, MPH

Through research-informed grantmaking to Texas nonprofits, St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities, a separate component of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, improves community health and reduces health disparities.  Our Center for Community-Based Research is dedicated to community-based participatory research practices that foster informed action, collaboration and empowerment for the medically underserved and other vulnerable populations.

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