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Our Mission

As an expression of the healing ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and in partnership with St. Luke's Episcopal Health System and the community, St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities (the Charities) increases opportunities for health enhancement and disease prevention, especially among the underserved, and makes possible measurable improvement in community health status and individual well-being. The Charities is a one-of-a-kind entity in the state – not a conversion or family foundation, but rather a non-operating public charity – and is the area's largest charity focused solely on health and well-being.

The Charities acknowledges the connection of body, mind and spirit and provides the tools for directly addressing health disparities and strengthening communities through a collaborative, coordinated focus on health employing the full spectrum of the Charities Operations, Research and Grantmaking functions.

Core Values:

  • The Whole Person:
    Body, Mind & Spirit
  • The Whole Community
  • Wellness

Operating Values:

  • Informed Action
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment


Through research-informed grantmaking to Texas nonprofits, St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities, a separate component of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, improves community health and reduces health disparities.  Our Center for Community-Based Research is dedicated to community-based participatory research practices that foster informed action, collaboration and empowerment for the medically underserved and other vulnerable populations.

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