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In partnership with the Harris County Healthcare
Alliance, the Charities developed and conducted a
baseline evaluation of the Community Clinic Funders’
Collaborative. This project included a survey, key
informant interviews and participatory groups
and the establishment of performance targets.
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Wimberly Scholar in Residence Marlynn May, PhD Selected to Serve Two-Term Peer Reviewing Public Health Reports

Publications and Presentations

Sharing Our Experiences to Advance Community Health

The Charities research team regularly engages in publication of peer-reviewed journal articles, project specific reports and community based reports. Regular publication of our work allows us to stay current within our field of research and thereby enhance the quality of research and service we provide to the underserved. Additionally, by publishing our community-based research, we bring a voice to the area's underserved and maintain a focus on health disparities that disproportionately affect our area by highlighting these issues in journals of national and international importance.

The Charities research team also regularly presents our research findings at international, national and local conferences and venues. Our engagement in public presentations allows us to not only maintain our reputation for outstanding research and to highlight our communities' health needs, but also to seek out new and innovative approaches and collaborations which ultimately benefit our service to the underserved in our region.

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Executive Director
Dr. Patricia Gail Bray
Moderates Leadership
Luminaries Panel at UTSPH

Through research-informed grantmaking to Texas nonprofits, St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities, a separate component of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, improves community health and reduces health disparities.  Our Center for Community-Based Research is dedicated to community-based participatory research practices that foster informed action, collaboration and empowerment for the medically underserved and other vulnerable populations.

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