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Front row: Patricia Gail Bray, Rev.
Emit Square, Lois Spiller, Regina
Bedford, Helen Square
Back row: Katherine Kelley,
Yvonne Green, Celene Meyer,
Rev. Eligh Johnson
Not pictured: Pamela Mackey

Community Research Team

Community Research Team/Community Faculty

The Charities' first Community Research Team was formed in 2007 to assist in a City of Houston study on how vulnerable communities prepare for emergencies. This pioneer team became the model and foundation for our Community Faculty. By connecting fully to the project, they ensured every research phase was peer-to-peer, collecting the best and most authentic data. This approach is at the core of the Charities Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR).

The City of Houston's Office of Surveillance and Public Health Preparedness Department of Health and Human Services contracted the Charities to study four underserved communities; Sunnyside, Gulfton, and the Third and Fifth Wards.  Researchers began by contacting grantees and other organizations for introductions to residents who might be willing to be trained.

The Charities researchers enlisted team members to partner in developing a curriculum to train other newly-formed teams, the genesis of the Academy. Eight of the original team members now serve as Community Research Faculty and have trained approximately fifty community researchers in CBPR methods.

Community Partnership

When the Charities was asked to train the Galveston Island Community Research Advisory Council (GICRAC) and additional Galveston Island residents to facilitate participatory groups, it was felt that this team had to be our partners in training the GICRAC team. 

Since that time the team, now known as the the Charities Community Research Faculty (CRF), assisted the Charities' Center for Community-Based Research in training two additional community teams, one for the Komen Ft. Bend study and one for the Avon Breast Health study. The CRF have trained a total of 41 community researchers.Those community researchers have, in turn, conducted 21 groups, with 135 participants.

Through research-informed grantmaking to Texas nonprofits, St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities, a separate component of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, improves community health and reduces health disparities.  Our Center for Community-Based Research is dedicated to community-based participatory research practices that foster informed action, collaboration and empowerment for the medically underserved and other vulnerable populations.

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