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Comprehensive List of Indicators

Lists of Population Health Indicators

Several groups, representing different constituencies and purposes have suggested consensus lists of indicators of community health. Duhl and Hancock, working in the context of WHO's Health for All by the year 2000 as expanded through the Healthy Cities movement, have suggested a list of "parameters" of community health.  In this country, the National Civic League, in the context of the Healthy Communities movement, has proposed a set of Basic Need Indicators (11 dimensions with two or more specific suggested indicators under each), as a means of assessing and monitoring community health. And the US CDC, in the context of providing a means of tracking achievement of the Healthy People 2000 objectives, has proposed a list of 18 population health indicators, mostly mortality based. To guide the community health improvement process, an Institute of Medicine (IOM) panel on Improving Health in the Community, selected a set of 25 indicators to constitute a community health profile. Many of these lists appear to confound community health and its determinants. The Evans and Stoddart framework can sort these out.

An Analysis of Measures by Evans and Stoddart Framework and by Source

Prepared by

Carl H. Slater, M.D., Associate Professor, Health Services Organization University of Texas School of Public Health Houston, TX Phone:(713)500-9183  FAX:(713)500-9171.  Email: [email protected]