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Conceptual Framework -
Evans and Stoddart

Our conceptual framework for this text is adapted in part from one developed by Evans and Stoddart (1994) and extended by Roos, et al. (1996) to describe the relationships between social and individual factors and health. This comprehensive model and its extensions specify important variables that influence the relationships between the health care system on the one hand and disease and injury and health and function on the other hand. Specifically, the structural variables of economic environment, social environment, physical environment, and genetic endowment have direct effects on disease and injury and indirect effects mediated through individual response.

The health care system, a process variable in this model, treats the disease and injury to produce well-being and prosperity, the outcome variables. The economic environment includes such factors as income and employment. The social environment includes social status, social capital, and socioeconomic status. The physical environment includes exposure to physical, biological, and chemical agents as well as impact of the work environment, i.e., social structure, level of job demand and discretion. Genetic endowment includes not only specific genetic diseases, e.g., sickle cell anemia, but a range of predispositions to and protection against disease. Individual response expands upon the epidemiological concept of host response to include lifestyle behaviors and use of medical care

Population Health Information System - POPULIS - Manitoba, Canada

Prepared by

Carl H. Slater, M.D., Associate Professor, Health Services Organization University of Texas School of Public Health Houston, TX Phone:(713)500-9183FAX:(713)500-9171.  Email: [email protected]
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