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Center for Health Policy Studies

The Houston - Galveston - Brazoria
Community Health Needs Assessment

Summary Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Special Topic Reports

Statistical Tables

Natality Tables
Morbidity Tables
Mortality Tables
Population Tables
Hospital Discharge Tables
Health Care Resource Tables

Community Health Needs Assessment

The entire needs assessment report is provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Follow the highlighted links below to retrieve the corresponding segment of the report.



Chapter One

Executive Summary

Summary of Significant Findings and Recommendations

Health Problems of the Population

Health System Report Card

Recommended Options for Implementation

Chapter Two

Project Purpose and Organization

Scope and Purpose of the Project

Structure of the Project

Oversight Committee

Advisory Committee

Project Management and Technical Group

Participating Faculty

Advisory Committee Participants

Chapter Three

Summary of Significant Findings and Recommendations for Implementation


Description and Discussion of Health Problems of the Population

The Health Care Service System Report Card

Recommended Options for Implementation Strategies

Chapter Four

Community Health Needs Assesment

Priorities of the Oversight and Advisory Committees

Healthy People 2000

Inventory of CMSA Health Care System

Statistical Indicators of Health Status and Health Behaviors

Health Status Indicators of the CMSA

Statistical Profiles for the CMSA and CMSA Counties

Brazoria County

Chambers County

Fort Bend County

Galveston County

Liberty County

Montgomery County

Waller County

Harris County

Statistical Profiles for the City of Houston Primary Public Health Service Areas

Statistical Profiles for the City of Houston Secondary Public Health Service Areas

Statistical Profiles for the Harris County Public Health Service Areas

Behavioral Profile of the CMSA - Community Health Behaviors Survey

Populations at Risk: Demographic and Social Circumstances

Medically Indigent

Refugees and Undocumented Immigrants

Children and Adolescents

Mothers and Infants

The Homeless

The Disabled

The Elderly

Native Americans

Inmates of Correctional Institutions

Populations at Risk: Specific Health Problems


Unintentional Injuries

Violent and Abusive Behavior

Mental Retardation

Mental Health


Tobacco Use

Substance Abuse

Immunization Status

Health Reform and Policy

Health Care Law

Chapter Five

Report of the Working Group on Health Information Systems

A Proposed Community Health Information System

Community Health Information System Content

Ongoing Community Health Care Needs Assessment Capability

The Ongoing Community Health Care Needs Assessment Process

Chapter Six

Project Methods

Definition of Terms

Conceptual Framework

Categories of Data

Limitations to the Findings of the Health Needs Assessment


Special Topic Reports

Childrens' and Adolescent Health

The Disabled

The Elderly

Health Care Law

Project Research Methods

Health Care Policy

Tobacco Use


The Medically Indigent

Violent and Abusive Behavior


Natality: 1992 Births by County of Residence

B1 - Number and Percent of Births by Race/Ethnicity

B2 - Onset of Prenatal Care within First Trimester

B3 - Low Birthweight Infants

B4 - Percent of Total Births to Mothers 17 Years of Age and Younger

B5_1 - Reported Pregnancies, Births, Fetal Deaths, and Abortions - Women Ages 15- 44

B5_2 - Reported Pregnancies, Births, Fetal Deaths, and Abortions - Women Ages 13 -17


M1_1 - Reportable Diseases

M4_1 - Health Behaviors Profile

M4_2 - Female Health Behaviors Profile


Mortality - 1992 Deaths by County of Residence

D1 - Crude Death Rates

D2_1 - Infant Mortality - Counties

D2_2 - Infant Mortality - Public Health Service Areas (PHSAs)

Mortality by County

D3_1 - Cancer (All Sites)

D3_2 - Lung Cancer

D3_3 - Breast Cancer

D3_4 - Colorectal Cancer

D3_5 - Diabetes

D3_6 - Heart Disease

D3_7 - Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke)

D3_8 - Accidents

D3_9 - Motor Vehicle Accidents

D3_10 - Firearms

D3_11 - Suicide

D3_12 - Homicide

Mortality by Health Service Area

D4_1 - Cancer (All Sites)

D4_2 - Lung Cancer

D4_3 - Breast Cancer

D4_4 - Colorectal Cancer

D4_5 - Diabetes

D4_6 - Heart Disease

D4_7 - Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke)

D4_8 - Accidents

D4_9 - Motor Vehicle Accidents

D4_10 - Firearms

D4_11 - Suicide

D4_12 - Homicide

D5 - AIDS Cases and Deaths - 1992-3 Surveillance Report and Cumulative Deaths 1980 - 1993

Hospital Discharge Data - 1992

H1 - All Discharges

H2_1 - Tuberculosis (Pulmonary)

H2_2 - Malignant Neoplasms

H2_3 - Breast Cancer

H2_4 - Diabetes Mellitus

H2_5 - Psychoses

H2_6 - Alcohol Dependence Syndrome

H2_7 - Heart Disease

H2_8 - High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

H2_9 - Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke)

H2_10 - Acute Respiratory Infections and Influenza

H2_11 - Pneumonia

H2_12 - Asthma

H2_13 - Arthritis

H2_14 - Congenital Anomalies

H2_15 - Unintentional Injuries

Health Care Resources- Tables

E1 - Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment - Eligibles Screened - 1990-1993

R1 - Active Non-Federal Physicians - Physician to Population Ratios - 1994

R2 - Direct Care Physicians - Physician to Population Ratios - 1994

R3 - Direct Care Physicians by Primary Care Specialties - 1994

R4 - Participating Primary Care Medicaid Providers by Specialty - 1993

R5 - Registered Nurses by Patient Care Specialties - 1993

R6 - Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners - Hospital Based - 1993

R7 - Dentists - Private Practice - 1993

R8 - Counselors and Social Workers - 1993

R9 - Hospital Beds, Inpatient Days, & Discharge Data - 1992

R10 - Hospital Medicare & Medicaid Utilization - 1992

R11 - Hospital Outpatient Services - 1992

R12 - Hospital Newborn Nurseries - 1992