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This part of the CHIS contains maps that allow you to identify your geographic area of interest and obtain statistics on the population and health-related characteristics of that area. The categories of data currently available are listed below. We are constantly adding to these data sets, and we hope you will visit our site frequently to see what is new.

To view the population, birth and death data links below, your computer must:

  1. Meet certain minimum requirements. For these requirements, click here.
  2. Have the Autodesk MapGuide®Viewer plugin. This plug-in is free and can be downloaded. However it is a 2MB file, so if you have a slow computer or dial-up Internet connection, it could take up to one-half hour to download. For instructions on downloading and installing this product, click here.

After the software is installed, you will be able to view the maps and request statistical data. The maps are very detailed. You may experience some delays as information (5MB file) is transferred to you, especially if you are using a telephone line and modem. We believe your patience will be rewarded. If at any time you experience problems and need assistance, let us know by contacting our "Help Desk" at the email address and/or phone number shown below.

Population Data - (special plug-in is required to view data - see 1 & 2 above) Includes polulation by age, race/ethnicity, income, and education. Data are available at county, census tract and super neighborhood (City of Houston only) levels. levels.

Birth Data -(special plug-in is required to view data - see 1 & 2 above) Includes births by birth weight, race/ethnicity, mother's age and education, and prenatal care. Data are available at the census tract level.

Death Data - (special plug-in is required to view data - see 1 & 2 above) Includes deaths by age, race/ethnicity, gender, and cause. Data are available at the census tract level.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the viewer plug-in, please contact the Mapping Project Help Desk or call 713-500-9387.







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