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Toward a Community Health
Report Card - Electronic Version


APEXPH -- Part II -- The Community Process -- Health Data

Demographic profile: age and sex

Male, Female, Total
Age less than 1, 1-14, 15-24, 25- 44, 45- 64, 65- 74, 75& older, Total

Demographic profile: race/ethnic distribution

Socioeconomic profile

    Percent of population below poverty level
    Percent of population unemployed
    Number of Food Stamp redplents
    Number of persons in the WIC program
    Number of Medicaid recipients
    Estimated number of homeless persons
    Percent with less than a high school education
    Percent with less than a college education
    Percent with a college or higher level of education

Years of potential life lost (YPLL)

Access to primary health care profile

    Private providers
    Community and migrant health care centers
    Local health department
    Other sources


Other health indices:

  Occupational health and safety

    Work-related Injuries - Deaths
    Work-related Injuries - Nonfatal
    Cumulative Trauma Disorders
    Occupational Skin Disorders
    Occupational Disease (e.g., Hepatitis B)

  Substance abuse

    Alcohol-related Accidents - Deaths
    Alcohol-related Accidents - Nonfatal
    Cirrhosis Deaths
    Drug-related Deaths
    Drug Abuse Emergency Room Visits
    Lung Cancer Deaths
    Current Smokers

  Mental health/ mental retardation

    Teenage Suicides
    Child and Adolescent Mental Disorders
    Adult Mental Disorders
    Stress-related Health Effects
    Serious Mental Retardation - School-aged Children
    Serious Mental Retardation - Noninstitutionalized Population

  Other risk factors

    Not Using Seat Belt
    Sedentary Lifestyle
    Ever Had Cholesterol Checked
    Diagnosed with Diabetes
    Being Treated for Hypertension
    Current Smokers

Perinatal indicators

Live Births

    All ages
    Maternal age <18 years

Prenatal Care of Women

    First care in 3rd trimester
    Fewer than seven prenatal visits

Low Body Weight Live Births

    <2500 grams (low birth weight)
    <1500 grams (very low birth weight)

Live Births with Mortality or Birth Defects

Perinatal mortality
Fetal mortality
Neonatal mortality
Congenftal anomalies

Leading causes of mortality

Estimated prevalence of disease

Leading causes of hospitalization

Environmental Profile

    Air Pollutants
    Water Contaminants
    Food Contaminants
    Land Pollution [human and industrial waste, pesticides, etc.]
    Other environmental hazards including work environment or conditions, radiation, climate, etc.



Prepared by

Carl H. Slater, M.D., Associate Professor, Health Services Organization University of Texas School of Public Health Houston, TX Phone:(713)500-9183  FAX:(713)500-9171 
E-mail [email protected]

Copyright © 2001 St. Lukes Episcopal Health Charities. All Rights Reserved.