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The Community of Hope - Circle of Care

After completing the Initial Training and being commissioned, all trained lay pastoral caregivers continue to be nurtured in an ongoing community that meets each month. Circles of Care differ from center to center.

The following list shows the content that makes up a “Circle of Care.”

  1. Debrief – Debrief pastoral visits. Review the need for confidentiality. Receive mutual support.

  2. Deepen spiritual life – Practice contemplative prayer, lectio divina, discuss The Rule of Benedict.

  3. Enjoy continuing education – Benefit from guest speakers, films and presentations on topics related to ministry, spiritual growth and pastoral care.

  4. Share in supervision – Take part in peer supervision. Receive coordinators/clergy support.

  5. Report visitation data – Make monthly reports of ministry locations and hours.

  6. Deepen community – Worship at beginning and close of Circle of Care and enjoy a light meal.

  7. Participate in retreats and quiet days – These are regional and diocesan-wide events that provide refreshment for the soul.

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