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The Community of Hope - The Builders Council

The Rev. Jim Cunningham, Chair
St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Houston

The Rev. Bob Wells
Director, The Community of Hope - St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Houston

Linda Astala
Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, Spring

The Rev. Patsy Barham
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Henderson

Karen Bennett
Calvary Episcopal Church, Richmond

Sylvia Bloomer
Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Sugar Land

Laura Bogard
The Community of Hope - St. Luke's Epsicopal Hospital

Nancy Jensen-Case
Calvary Episcopal Church, Bastrop

Ashley Cook
St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church, Lufkin

Beverly Davis
Christ the King Lutheran Church

Anne Grizzle
St. John the Divine Episcopal Church, Houston

Julie Hodge
Calvary Episcopal Church - Bastrop, Texas

The Rev. Gary Jones
Director, Chaplaincy Services – St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Houston

Tom Knapp
Calvary Episcopal Church, Richmond

Pat Knecht
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Woodville

Linda Lund
Palmer-Memorial Episcopal Church, Houston

Warren Miedke
St. Cuthbert Episcopal Church, Houston

Connie Fletcher-Powell
Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Sugar Land

Jerry Ann Robinson
St. Richard’s Episcopal Church, Round Rock

Sally Rutherford
Christ Church Cathedral, Houston

The Rev. Sue Scott
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Dickinson

The Builders’ Council is a council of men and women dedicated to the ministry of The Community of Hope throughout the geographical boundaries of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Their purpose is to facilitate The Community of Hope in becoming widely recognized and valued in the Diocese of Texas and in St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, and the community; to assist centers in working together to accomplish their mission; to help the centers expand their understanding and practice of being a Benedictine-shaped community doing pastoral care; and, to be a sounding board for the Director in doing the work of the Central Office.

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