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Youth, Nutrition, & Fitness Initiatives

Houston - Harris County Youth Nutrition and Fitness Initiative (UNIT) in Houston's East End, April 2003

In September 2002, St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities commenced the Houston - Harris County Youth Nutrition and Fitness Initiative (UNIT) in Houston's East End. Thirty-one community and academic members participated in a series of seven planning dialogues for the design and implementation of a multi-phase intervention strategy to address the public health concern surrounding kids and obesity. The result of these meetings and subsequent work is a strategic, comprehensive, community-based program for the treatment and prevention of overweight children and adolescents.

All sections of the report are in Adobe® Download a free copy of Adobe Reader® format.

Download or view the entire report. To access individual sections of the report, click the desired link(s) below:

1.Houston -- Harris County UNIT (title page 1 - page 8)
2.Executive Summary (page 9 - 12)
3.Introduction (page 13 - 18)
4.Strategic Plan for the Prevention of Obesity in Texas (page 19-20)
5.Working Group A, UNIT Project Design (page 21 - 24)
6.Working Group B, Defining the Problem (page 25 - 44)
7.Working Group C, Current Programs and Policies and Funding Streams (page 45 - 92)
8.Working Group D, Action Strategies: Intervention, Implementation and Outcomes (page 93 - 100)
9.Recommendations (page 101 - 102)
10.References Cited (page 103 - 106)
11.Appendices (page 107 - 118)
12.Acknowledgements (page 119 - 120)

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